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Adapdix Combines Data And AI With Edge Intelligence Acquisition

Adapdix boosts its EdgeOps platform with the integration of Edge Intelligence’s hybrid cloud data analytics tools.

David Pepin

AI-powered automation software solution Adapdix has announced it is officially making a move to acquire Edge Intelligence, an analytics distribution platform. The acquisition comes as part of Adapdix’s strategy to expand its target markets and offerings as part of its Adapdix’ EdgeOps AI/ML Data Mesh platforms.

Edge Intelligence has made its mark on the industry by developing a data management platform that can be used in both hybrid and edge computing business strategies. The combination of the two platforms will allow data and AI to be at the center of decisions in hybrid cloud environments.

“Edge Intelligence has developed the leading distributed edge data management solution, with patented technology, and a sophisticated data analytics application targeting subscriber and cloud analytics.” said Anthony Hill, CEO at Adapdix. “The addition of Edge Intelligence enables Adapdix to provide true IT/OT convergence, with full data virtualization, which for other providers is still only a theoretical concept. This acquisition allows Adapdix to address customers considering Cloud repatriation.”

Since its foundation in 2015, Adapdix has been on a mission to use AI and Machine Learning (ML) in its EdgeOps platform as a way to help optimize equipment and reduce costs for its users. By combining its platform with Edge Intelligence, Adapdix brings AI and data tools to the front of decision making.

“AI and data are essential partners, and with Edge Intelligence’s distributed database technology, Adapdix can now offer customers a single logical database for query and AI-powered analytics on IT and OT data.” Kate Mitchell, CEO at Edge Intelligence, said.

“Edge Intelligence capability along with Adapdix Edge Ops AI and modeling platform allows for fully integrated, real-time AI at the source of data creation, which saves customers data transport, compute, and storage costs.”

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With Edge Intelligence’s capabilities, Adapdix aims to take its EdgeOps data management software to new heights. Data processing and insights can happen in split seconds, arming users with real-time insights and metrics. EdgeOps’ automated solutions become more powerful as a result of its integration, driving valuable ROI for its users and creating a single platform for data monitoring and analysis.