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Data Axle Integrates With RapidAPI To Produce Data-Driven Results

Thanks to the collaboration, RapidAPI users can personalize their insights and learn how to better use the data they have to drive results.

David Pepin

Data and intelligence solutions provider Data Axle has announced its collaboration with global application programing interface (API) platform RapidAPI. The partnership is designed to empower B2B and B2C companies with fast and accurate data to help produce data-driven products.

The platform works on a personal level for users. When users indicate their target APIs and begin to develop the data they gather, they can then use it to enhance their solutions and processes.

For RapidAPI, users can now have real-time access to data collected by Data Axel that will help them stay organized and efficient throughout the development process. User organizations can also use the new data to add more value to their current insights.

RapidAPI users will also have the ability to enhance their own insights through access to Data Axle’s high quality databases with consumers and businesses.

“Our data quality and coverage, combined with their robust platform, is a winning formula for the clients and developers RapidAPI serves. Data Axle’s APIs are updated in real-time, which is very beneficial for developers who need to know the data will not be outdated when pushed through their products and services.” commented Data Axle’s Bob Toth, SVP and GM, Licensing.

The marriage of these two industry leaders will help B2B and B2C businesses produce higher quality data-driven products in the future. The integration will work to bring 8 additional APIs to RapidAPI’s large, global platform.

“We are pleased to be part of the RapidAPI Marketplace, especially given the global scale of their platform and their focus on data-driven products and app developer community,” said Toth.