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Call Rail Analytics Help Einstein Industries Grow Conversions 41% for Large Client

This B2B intent marketing example demonstrates the ROI insight & increased conversions you can achieve with solutions like Call Rail.

Call Rail Analytics Help Einstein Industries Grow Conversions 41% for Large Client
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Einstein Industries is an internet marketing company that focuses on lead generation and patient acquisition of individuals that are cash payers for health care services, serving primarily cosmetic dentists and plastic surgeons.

“We’ve really evolved; in the early days, we had very little definitive feedback, especially call tracking and form fields from a website simultaneously,” said Michael Hurley, Einstein Industries vice president.

“Originally, we had a lot of hard coded tracking numbers, that clients used in multiple different sources [of leads], there wasn’t a clear way to really delineate between source to source. A lot of it was guesswork.”

Einstein attempted to eliminate some of the guesswork via post-source queries asking the customer how they found the provider, but the validity of the answers was debatable at best, according to Hurley. This kind of tracking was also extremely time sensitive, so it wasn’t scalable – Einstein employees could only code and track so much information in the time allotted.

“We really wanted to start to spearhead dynamic number insertion, and there weren’t a lot of partners offering that it was something that,” Hurley said.

“We wanted to really be able to get a better picture of the blended conversion, so you’re not just looking at first click or last click attribution. We were tired of trying to split resources onto different landing pages or using hard coded numbers to delineate organic versus paid leads. We wanted a better solution and the ability to address that on the user level.”

The Call Rail solution

Call Rail was one of the few companies that provided this type of analytics, and did it well, Hurley said.

“As we as we started to look for more advanced [analytics] partners, Call Rail offered an immediate, huge increase in the ability to really understand what was occurring from internet marketing standpoint.”

Call Rail is a business analytics and communications platform that helps businesses improve customer experience and marketing performance. CallRail’s platform fits into existing workflows, integrates with several major marketing and sales solutions including HubSpot, Facebook, Salesforce and Google Ads and Analytics.

The Call Rail platform offered the dynamic number insertion capability that Einstein Industries sought, with the ability to tie into other platforms like Google Analytics to offer real time marketing data analysis, according to Hurley.

“We’ve evolved from offering directional data that’s more on the conversion activity of a user to the specific data and back to that particular user,” Hurley said.

“We’ve tied into our own proprietary CRM for our clients. That’s pre-patient and pre-client, so you can really connect the data from the conversion action to the actual individual that’s coming into the location.”

This also gives Einstein Medical’s clients some ROI insight, Hurley added.

“It’s not an e-c commerce type of event where you can easily see the transaction and trace it back. Our industry needs more of a critical feedback loop from the quality of the conversion itself to direct interactions with our clients to really understand the source and the value it’s providing.”

Hurley added: “Call Rail has been integral in our evolution to be able to track from a familiar user action and conversion action to an individual that is purchasing either elective surgery or becoming a case on the legal side. They worked with us and nurtured the relationship so that we’ve been able to grow.”

The growth of the relationship has helped Einstein Institute’s customers as well, Hurley said. For example, the company worked with one large dental practice with multiple locations in the Northeast, developing a marketing campaign that focused on using keywords “dental,” “dental implant” and others tracked via Semush, looking for specific attribution per location via Call Rail.

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Conversions grew by 41 percent thanks to the targeted location-based strategy that was used in conjunction with keywords. Google Insights helped determine the specific keywords that were driving website traffic. Call Rail’s tracking capabilities helped Einstein show the specific success of the initial campaign to the dental service provider’s executives, convincing them to approve an expansion of the campaign.