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Invoca Acquires DialogTech In Conversation Intelligence Mega Move

Invoca aims to improve customer experiences to its 2,000+ customers by expanding its capabilities in the conversation intelligence industry.

David Pepin

Conversation intelligence platform Invoca has announced its acquisition of DialogTech, a call tracking and analytics software powered by artificial intelligence. The acquisition puts Invoca on track to become an over $100 million revenue business.

The move serves as a response to recent policy changes by Apple and Google that restrict organization’s ability to rely on third-party cookie data. However with recent buying behavior leading to higher call volume, brands must increase their usage of first-party data to better understand their customers behaviors and habits.

The acquisition emphasizes product innovation and a greater usage of technology partners.

“In this digital era, companies are embracing AI to better understand their consumers and changing market dynamics. In industries where consumers are making complex buying decisions–like financial services, health care, and automotive–brands need to embrace the right combination of digital experience and human expertise,” Gregg Johnson, CEO of Invoca, commented. “With the acquisition of DialogTech, Invoca strengthens our AI-powered conversation intelligence platform. Together, we will empower marketing, sales, and eCommerce teams to optimize digital + human buying experiences and accelerate revenue growth.”

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For Invoca, they are acquiring a DialogTech platform that has a reputation of delivering valuable call tracking and analytics to Fortune 500 companies.

The acquisition also helps Invoca diversify and strengthen their customer base in the telecom, healthcare, financial services, and senior care industries.

“This move enables us to be an even better partner to enterprises and agencies looking to optimize their marketing and drive sales,” DialogTech CEO, Doug Kofoid said. “Together as Invoca, our combined company will deliver an unrivaled solution for conversation intelligence, with the most innovative technology, expertise, experience, and resources in our industry.”