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ListenFirst Releases New Social Analytics Feature Instant Insights

The new app takes advantage of machine learning to give marketers powerful and easy-to-use social media performance insights.

David Pepin

Social analytics solution ListenFirst has released its new analytics feature Instant Insights, which is designed to help brands understand and simplify their social media performance metrics.

The application, whose release was announced on June 9th, allows marketers to manage multiple brands and content filters in real time to analyze content, earned sentiment, and industry benchmarks. Through the use of machine learning, the feature helps marketers review key metrics in one single app.

Data that would have normally required manual analysis is automatically processed and evaluated by the app, which then generates powerful insights and takeaways.

The solution aims to help marketers decide what works and what doesn’t with their social media strategies so they can build an all-around more efficient brand.

The below bullet points are a summary of some of the key features of the app:

  • Machine learning technology streamlines data insights
  • Brand and channel metrics all displayed in one, easy to navigate view
  • Ability to chose the metrics marketers see for review
  • Charts and graphs simplify reading the analysis

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“While the ListenFirst platform already provides world class analytics & reporting to the largest brands in the world, the addition of Instant Insights enables users to really take advantage of our depth of data” commented Jason Klein Co-CEO & Co-Founder of ListenFirst. “It’s a universal intelligence tool configurable for any content analysis use case. At the end of the day, that means marketers have the power to quickly generate the meaningful reports they need without relying on expert analysts, and executives have frictionless access to the insights they need to optimize ROI or understand the competitive landscape.”

ListenFirst will be a part of the webinar titled Maximize Your Social Media Analytics to Drive Business on June 24th at 2:00PM ET. The webinar features guest speaker Jessica Liu, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research, and Meghan Cahill, VP of Client Success.