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Orbweaver Launches Upgraded DataHub Platform

The upgraded platform is built for processing faster and more accurate data exchanges between client and customer.

David Pepin

Data automation and integration solution Orbweaver has announced it is releasing its new DataHub platform, a powerful tool designed to help Orbweaver clients accelerate their connections with customers and suppliers.

“Over a year in the making, these exciting revisions will improve the movability of data for our loyal customers and future customers,” says Scott Muhl, VP, Product Development at Orbweaver Sourcing LLC. “DataHub continues to connect systems and companies seamlessly to each other regardless of data type or structure, now, more efficiently, to enable enhanced usability.”

Orbweaver, founded in 2012, has the capability to move around one million pieces of information per second. It has built its name as a solution for businesses in the electronic industry, helping its users integrate and process customer and supplier interactions.

The upgraded DataHub platform features advanced support for all sales data components, including pricing, availability, orders, and invoices. The solution takes advantage of artificial intelligence to handle all repetitive tasks, enabling a work flow that is quicker and more accurate.

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The upgrades also include increased business intelligence proficiency, allowing for self-servicing of file management, viewing transaction history, and searching for records of data.

“As leaders in real-time data connectivity and sales/purchase automation, we make sure our software does not become idle or stale. We are constantly assessing our platform for opportunities to make it better, smarter, and faster,” Muhl added. “The DataHub platform release demonstrates this commitment, and supports digital transformation in the electronics manufacturing industry.”