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Plannuh’s New Survey Reveals Most Marketers Struggle Aligning Goals

The newest Operational Marketing Index survey reveals only 18 percent of marketers are planning their campaigns around company goals.

David Pepin

The point of building a marketing campaign with measurable goals is to have it align with company objectives, right? Yet new research from Plannuh suggests that only 18 percent of marketers are focused on planning around their company’s goals.

The Boston-based software-as-a-service company revealed the results of its latest Operational Marketing Index (OMI) survey, which discovered that many marketers struggle with aligning their goals to company objectives. Shockingly, less than one in five marketers are centering their plans on meeting business goals.

“We continue to be alarmed that so few marketing teams focus on strategic alignment of their plans,” said Peter Mahoney, founder and chief executive officer of Plannuh. “The latest results from the Operational Marketing Index survey revealed that less than one in five marketers report that their companies excel at connecting their plans to corporate objectives, which explains why so many marketing teams struggle to show the value of their marketing investments.”

The survey, which has a sample size of 554, is designed to measure and reveal some of the common trends in operational management practices of marketing teams. It also aims to help marketers revamp their efficiency by revealing industry data and customizing recommendations for improvement.

The overall results of this year’s survey point toward the findings that marketers generally do not base their planning and execution strategies on achieving goals. Just 56 percent of marketers employ comprehensive campaigns that help them achieve their goals.

Companies are wasting a lot of time with activities like this, and they also seem to be wasting a fair amount of money as well. Only 31 percent allocate 60 percent (or more) of their budget to campaigns designed to help reach goals, which means around two-thirds spend a serious amount of resources on non-strategic initiatives.

72 percent of marketers report little to no scenario planning to prepare for unpredictable best and worst case scenarios. 56 percent report they do not have any processes designed to adapt to changes in the business as they arise.

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Marketers also struggle with using measurable return to prove the true value of their strategies and campaigns. 52 percent of marketers report difficulty with this and only 21 percent succeed at regularly measuring campaign and marketing plan ROI.

Plannuh was established in 2017 and since then has focused on providing its users with the most relevant tools and knowledge to plan marketing budgets and strategies. Leading B2B and B2C companies across four continents and 25 industries use the collaborative cloud-based platform to upgrade their marketing performance.