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Salesforce Report: The Pandemic’s Impact On Digital Transformation

The pandemic forced tech executives to shift their digital transformation priorities and focus on implementing remote work environments.

David Pepin

According to a new report by Salesforce and Pulse, 73 percent of tech executives can agree that employee and customer experience will be the focus of digital transformation after the Covid-19 pandemic.

The data is drawn from a survey taken by 100 tech leaders in July of 2020, and found that nearly 75 percent of respondents experienced some form of digital transformation in the year 2020.

The digital transformations of 2020 were largely led by the necessity for remote working environments and the need for increased security.

53 percent of companies considered transitioning their employees to remote work as a priority during the pandemic. Not far behind was employee engagement and customer experience, both of which 48 percent of companies believed to be a priority in 2020.

The transition to remote work did not come easily for all companies. Only about 46 percent were able to fully transition in under a week. For 12 percent, the transition took over a month to fully implement.

Only 41 percent of respondents believed that their company was prepared for the shift to remote at the start of the pandemic. Even still, companies find it difficult to operate 100 percent remotely. Of the 59 percent of respondents who were not prepared for the transition to fully remote, only 13 percent believe they could now be successful when fully remote.

The pandemic had massive effects on the business world, sending shockwaves through nearly every organization. And in most cases, it made digital transformation to remote environments an accelerated necessity.