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Synthetic Data Solution Tonic.ai Integrates With MongoDB

The solution mimics complex data sets and simplifies their insights, all without breaching privacy restrictions.

David Pepin

Tonic.ai, a synthetic data solution enabling developers in four continents, has announced it is integrating with MongoDB’s high volume storage database.

MongoDB users will have access to Toni.ai’s synthetic data solutions, which allow for the protection of private information from profiles, transactions, medical records, and more. Tonic.ai works by effectively mimicking data as a way to provide developers insights, without breaching privacy restrictions.

The solution is designed to help users streamline and protect their development cycles by turning focus away from any inconvenient data pipeline overhead. Tonic.ai aims to empower its customers with the capabilities to mimic whole databases, even for more complex designs.

“Tonic’s database-agnostic nature allows companies to connect directly to a database, as opposed to a data-upload approach. These are two of our key differentiators as compared to other data anonymization and synthesis tools on the market today,” said Ian Coe, CEO of Tonic.ai.

“When you add the rare ability to work with document-based data in MongoDB, we’re excited to be leading the charge in getting developers and data engineers the safe, realistic data they need.”

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Tonic.ai’s MongoDB integration comes at a time where the solution’s usage is growing among brands. Companies like Amazon Redshift, Databricks, and BigQuery have all used Tonic.ai’s NoSQL data structure as a way to tackle challenges. The solution has the power to mimic very complex data sets, and simplify them to a useful hybrid model.

The company, founded in 2018, has already raised $10 million in Series A funding from investors.

MongoDB’s database has been downloaded over 175 million times and has more than 26,000 customers worldwide in over 100 countries.