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Toucan Toco Upgrades BI Platform To Version 2.0 To Combat Data Friction

The upgrades include accessible new features that upgrade its collaboration, data insights, and mobile optimization capabilities.

David Pepin

Data friction can be an extremely frustrating and dangerous complication for many business enterprises. Not only does it slow down decisions, but it also makes analytics more complex and expensive. In short, data friction can kill business.

For Boston-based business intelligence platform Toucan Toco, the mission is to combat data friction with products that streamline data discovery and insights. This month, the platform has announced it is releasing a 2.0 version of its BI platform to create one of the market’s most comprehensive analytics platforms to date.

The upgraded platform is designed to eliminate data friction thanks to its easy to use data storytelling and visualization capabilities. Its modules are designed to be more accessible for non-technical users to uncover data insights that would before have had many barriers to entry. Some of the new features enabling business professionals include:

  • AnyConnect: With several built-in data connectors, this hub allows users to take advantage of their data with cloud-based solutions and storage.
  • YouPrep: Another easy-to-use, no-code data solution that makes monitoring insights more accessible and more affordable.
  • Storytelling Studio: This upgraded solution comes with new visualization and contextual tools designed to help users access and navigate their insights.
  • Data Broadcasting: Users can embed analytics into their digital and mobile platforms to share data stories and upgrades.
  • Action Center: A new feature designed to enhance collaboration in data-driven environments on platforms such as Slack and Microsoft Teams. The feature includes editing, commenting, and sharing functions.
  • Mobile Optimization: Users can build their analytics strategies and then easily deploy them to mobile platforms such as phones and tablets.

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Toucan Toco is trusted by hundreds of global companies such as IBM, Nestle, Sodexo, Amazon, and Dell to help make their data strategies more efficient. With integrations available on data providers such as Snowflake, MongoDB, BigQuery and Redshift, the data friction solution aims to streamline how businesses approach their data insights.

“For most companies, data friction — ranging from data-averse employees to the need to maintain and redevelop analytics tools for different platforms — means that data goes unused. Toucan is changing that by making it effortless for businesses to put data to use across their whole organization,” said Charles Miglietti, co-founder and CEO at Toucan Toco.

“With our 2.0 release, we’re building on the things our users say they love about the Toucan experience, and making it even more powerful and effective for the needs of today’s data-driven businesses.”