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6sense Develops Valuable Onboarding Videos To Accomplish Growth Goals

To promote its growing sales capabilities, 6sense invests in comprehensive and valuable training videos for new sales team members.

6sense Develops Valuable Onboarding Videos To Accomplish Growth Goals
Marjorie Romeyn-Sanabria

6sense, the account-based orchestration platform, had aggressive sales goals to achieve the growth at the scale it desired. That meant two things: equipping the sales team with the most innovative tools that they needed to close their first deals faster and leading with value enablement to ensure the sales team was building effective relationships with customers.


In order to meet their ambitious growth goals, 6sense needed to improve its sales capability at scale, starting with the onboarding process.

“When you’re in a high-growth company, onboarding quota-carriers like a BDR or a salesperson, it’s critical for you to make your plan,” Latane Conant, CMO of 6sense, told Demand Gen Report. “We knew we needed to up our game and have the most efficient, effective and modern onboarding experience we could.”

Part of that vision, Conant explained, included micro-learning video courses that were topical and short to avoid four to five days of onboarding training. Conant also expressed her desire to not only train the sales team on product updates but to sell the product with tangible value that allows customers to see how the platform they were using was working in real-time.

“You want your sales team to learn, scale, and repeat, and do that in a high-quality fashion,” Conant said.


6sense used Mediafly for two solutions: onboarding sales team members and supporting SDRs to sell with value in a rapidly changing industry. 6sense used Mediafly to develop just-in-time training videos for new SDRs to help them acclimate to their roles and provide them with valuable content on the go.

Mediafly also provided extensive support on value enablement. By working with the value enablement team, 6sense was able to upgrade the value-tracking spreadsheet to a sophisticated calculator that prospects and customers could use to determine the dollar amount that they would be saving if they used 6sense.

“It turned into something our sellers could really use in every single interaction,” Conant said. The win rate was so high they updated the calculator to use earlier in the sales cycle.


6sense was able to decrease ramp time to the first sale by a month and increased conversion rates by three points after infusing value early in the conversation with Mediafly’s updated pitch deck. By measuring account executive’s new sales tools, clients were more responsive during first meetings and much more eager to continue conversations.

They were also more open to sharing their concerns with the 6sense sales team. Conant credits this to the way Mediafly reframed the sales tools to promote more active listening, creating a more authentic conversation.

“It’s not about a pitch and it’s not about a calculator; it’s about changing your narrative,” Conant said. “How do you start to ask much better questions that probe a more meaningful dialogue and conversation?”

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