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Acquia Boosts Digital Content Management, Acquires Widen

Widen’s platform is trusted by hundreds of brands worldwide to help upgrade their digital content lifecycles.

David Pepin

Content marketing is experiencing booming growth across industries. With 70 percent of marketing teams actively investing more resources into their content marketing strategies, cloud-based web content management software Acquia has announced it has made the major acquisition of Widen.

Widen aims to streamline content releases to the marketplace by taking advantage of its digital asset management (DAM) and product information (PIM) softwares. Widen streamlines workflows by combining information from multiple media sources, product information, and marketing copy, optimizing coordination lifecycles of digital content.

“Acquia has long been an established leader in managing textual website content. Now, with Widen, we will be able to offer world-class capabilities around rich media and product information content,” said Dries Buytaert, Co-founder and CTO of Acquia. “Widen is consistently ranked a leader by industry analysts for vision, execution and market presence. We have numerous joint customers today, and believe Widen software will deliver value to Acquia Marketing Cloud and Drupal Cloud customers. We’re excited to welcome the Widen team to the Acquia family and to collaborate with them on Acquia Open DXP.”

The move helps Acquia create more personalized customer engagements with large volumes of digital marketing content. Using Widen’s DAM and PIM solutions, users can produce personalized branded content driven by meaningful data.

Marketers around the world can advance their content production, management, and analysis cycles with Widen’s unique creative asset management solutions. Multiple templates and digital assets on the cloud-based Widen Collective help users gather content and distribute it to their target audiences. With the help of automated workflow tools, marketers accelerate their content production cycles.

“Content is the heart of any digital experience,” said Matthew Gonnering, CEO of Widen. “It influences action across marketing channels; email, social media, content management systems, marketing campaigns, ecommerce, product information management and more. By combining with Acquia, a company that shares Widen’s belief that radical innovation starts with commitment to customers and the community, we will continue to rapidly innovate our solutions to support the first and only open digital experience platform.”

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Widen’s solutions are currently used by over 700 business organizations, including global market leaders such as Hootsuite, New Balance, Crayola, and Energizer.

The acquisition is expected to fully close later in September 2021.

“With Widen, we continue to differentiate Acquia Open DXP by adding enterprise-grade, cloud-native DAM and PIM capabilities,” said Mike Sullivan, President and CEO of Acquia. “We will immediately invest in accelerated development of the Widen solution, and leverage our global capabilities and partner network to bring it to marketing organizations that use Acquia Open DXP to manage, transform and deliver digital assets at scale.”


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