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B2B Video Marketing Tools for Marketers

Tech marketers: check out these B2B video marketing tools that will help you produce and monitor video content.

B2B Video Marketing Tools for Marketers
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Video is increasingly becoming more important in digital marketing.

In 2017, 63 percent of organizations started using video marketing for their businesses, a figure that increased to 87 percent by 2019 and has stayed relatively steady since, according to a report from Wyzowl.

Brian McNeill, co-founder of Stringr, a company that offers a video Software-as-Service platform, adds tat 73 percent of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it and that consumers who watch product videos are 1.9 times more likely to complete an online purchase.

“When it comes to brands selling on platforms like Amazon, 96 percent of consumers find video helpful when making purchases; 79 percent of online shoppers would rather see a video than read text,” McNeill added. “The right product video can increase conversions by 80 percent.”

The most essential tools for marketing videos, according to Gnau, are a good camera and good audio tools – embedded microphones often don’t provide good quality, ruining the associated video.

Beyond those tools, with video marketing so essential, it’s important that marketers know some of  the other tools that will help them create, edit and optimize videos for their customers.

Below are some great B2B video marketing to reach your audiences.


The basics: An online editor for video that enables users with desktops or mobile devices to create animated video using do-it-yourself animation. Users can upload photos and clips into a template or start from scratch. The Animoto library also offers licensed music that can be added to any video

Cost: There is a free version. Subscriptions are $5-$49 per month

Website: https://animoto.com/

Embed Studios

The basics: Offers video content from more than 100,000 videographers around the globe to create brand and studio content from shorter clips to longer videos.

Price: Varies

Website: https://www.embedstudios.com/ 


The basics: A video production tool that automatically convert blog posts into videos via an AI-powered script uses the URL, text and images of a blog post. Copyright-free images, animations and music can also be added. Videos can then be placed on most social media platforms.

Cost: A free version is available; paid plans range for $19 to $149 a month.

Website: https://lumen5.com/ 


The basics: A platform for creating videos in the whiteboard style. The platform also enables the user to enhance videos with music, graphics and other effects.

Cost: Single users: $35 a month or (discounted for a single payment)$168 annually; team licenses $145-$155 per user, depending on the number of users.

Website: https://www.videoscribe.co/en


The basics: helps keep your audience’s attention by making your videos more professional-looking and adding visual interest. The service adds formatting, branding, progress bars, subtitles, cutaways, calls to action, and more automatically.

Cost: Starting at $99 per month.

Website: https://www.splasheo.com/


The basics: Platform that enables users to create videos from the site, including a screen recorder and other assets for paid subscribers. Users can use metadata to optimize videos, and can track viewers for immediate followup.

Cost: Free to $1250 per month

Website: https://www.vidyard.com/

Portions of this story first appeared on our sister site, M2T: Marketing to Tech Pros.