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Some of the Best B2B Marketing Tools Trending for 2022

Some of the tools B2B tech marketers say are becoming more popular in their daily work, and will likely continue to trend in 2022.

Some of the Best B2B Marketing Tools Trending for 2022
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B2B technology marketers use a variety of different tools to make their jobs easier and to provide better results for their clients. But new tools are coming on the market all of the time, some of which may help augment the tools a marketer is already using and some which may work better than some of the tools a marketer is already using.

Below, in alphabetical order, are some of the tools B2B tech marketers say are becoming more popular in their daily work and with their colleagues.


Act-On is a comprehensive lead generating and nurturing tool built for businesses of all sizes. It is designed to help marketers drive the appropriate type of traffic, creating landing pages geared for conversion and creating accessible forms to gather leads.


The tool tracks keyword rankings as well as finding backlink opportunities, offering a dashboard with data visualization tools.


This is a platform for building collaborative applications, enabling the user to integrate with favorite apps and services. The tool includes content calendar, social media calendar, project tracker, organization chart, product planning, bug tracker, event planning, user research and project management.

Apple Mail Privacy Protection

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Apple MPP matters deeply to marketers because Apple hosts about 40% of email client usage according to Validity data, making open rates vastly more unreliable than before, said Kate Adams, Validity senior vice president of marketing.

“In many ways, MPP pushed the marketing industry to adopt an important update many had already enacted–relying on more holistic data to understand campaign performance. Marketers should utilize metrics such as sender reputation signals, inbox placement rates, click-through rates, and even conversation rates to more accurately understand the ways in which their campaigns are performing. While this requires more work at the upfront, it will ultimately enable a higher ROI long-term.”


Beamer is a notification tool that is integrated within the product. The product team can push updates regarding the product, including upcoming events, recent updates and messages.


This tool helps brands crowdsource video ads cutting out creative agencies and connecting businesses directly with influencer-like content creators. The platform enables e-commerce brands to publish tasks to the community of over 3,000 creators, who then get paid for creating “authentic” video ads.


This is a free web-based design tool that allows the user to quickly create header pictures, infographics, and social media themes.


This is a writing tool that may help the user to write optimized content for your website using AI-powered recommendations – without the need to be a search engine optimization expert (SEO).


GetResponse is an increasingly popular marketing automation platform, enabling marketers to develop landing sites, advertise webinars and send out email marketing campaigns all from one place. The Autofunnel feature is a sales funnel builder enabling the user to automate email marketing campaigns.


Leadpages is a website builder aimed at helping smaller B2B firms connect with their audiences, gather leads, and complete more sales. Their straightforward websites and landing pages make it easier for even the tiniest company to have a professional, high-converting online presence.


Moosend is a multi-industry email marketing automation platform that includes ecommerce and SaaS. With Moosend’s automation, a marketer can send the proper email campaign to those contacts who are interested in a given product or service using advanced website tracking and triggers. Customer information is useful for creating product recommendation campaigns based on product views.

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This information also enables the user to develop extensive reports on the campaign’s progress and user engagement, enabling a marketer to make more informed decisions, said Gavin Johnson, managing director of EV Cable Shop.


This tool enables marketers to utilize LinkedIn Sales Navigator to build custom lead lists, use AI to ascertain the validity of the leads, and then export up to 1,000 leads per day (emails/phones) to a CSV file which can then be put into various email funnels. This is a great tool for B2B business owners to find their own leads, but also works well for me as a marketer to provide lead lists to clients at a rate per lead.


“It’s done a lot to streamline our approach to A/B testing different parts of our marketing pipeline,” said Devon Fata, CEO, Pixoul.

“Instead of doing all the work of making different ad buys with different mixes of banners, landing pages, and links and tracking the data separately, Unbounce allows us to integrate this process into our normal buying and tracking system. It’s changed A/B testing from something we have to go out of our way to do into a normal part of our process.


This tool enables the user to integrate multiple marketing platforms through a single tool and creator a workflow for multiple tasks.