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Cloudinary Makes First Acquisition, Boosts Video Capabilities With Indivio

The creative content automation tools from Indivio will help Cloudinary customers easily create and upgrade their visual media campaigns.

David Pepin

AI-enabled media experience optimization platform Cloudinary has announced it has closed on its first ever acquisition with the addition of Indivio. The creative content automation platform offers Cloudinary a powerful set of scalable, branded video production and promotion tools.

“We’re excited to announce our first acquisition and are thrilled to welcome the Indivio team and its video creation product into our family,” said Itai Lahan, co-founder and CEO, Cloudinary in a statement. “Extending Cloudinary’s offerings with Indivio’s innovative solution presents a major opportunity for anyone looking to harness the power of video to improve customer engagement.”

The acquisition is accompanied by Cloudinary’s additional announcement that the company officially reached their $100 million annual recurring revenue goal in December 2021. The two announcements indicate the massive growth the 10-year old digital media optimization platform has undergone in the past year to establish its unicorn status.

Indivio is an innovative solution providing its marketers and agencies with the creative automations tools to accelerate content velocity and upgrade campaign performance. Its suite of products are designed to help business organizations easily deliver branded video messages, integrate their workflows with templates, and reduce costs by relying on AI technology.

“This acquisition combines Cloudinary’s deep understanding of visual media with Indivio’s expertise in creative automation. It expands our industry-leading video management offerings and makes it simpler for brands to deliver the dynamic video experiences they dream about,” said Lahan. “We’re excited to welcome the Indivio team into the Cloudinary family and look forward to making it even easier for our customers to win with video.”

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With 87 percent of marketers reporting that video helps deliver a positive ROI, a solid video content strategy is necessary in today’s digital marketing landscape. The acquisition of Indivio helps Cloudinary expand its video product offerings for its 9,000+ enterprise customers such as Under Armour, Whole Foods, NBC, Peloton, and Grubhub.

“Cloudinary and Indivio share a passion for visual storytelling and for empowering brands to make better connections with their audiences. We’re absolutely thrilled to become Cloudinarians,” said Indivio CEO and co-founder Josh Dorward.

“Today, modern marketing teams are under tremendous pressure to deliver ever-increasing amounts of branded content in order to meet the expectations of audiences in a rapidly changing media landscape. Yet without the right tools it’s impossible for brands to create these visual stories at scale and to deliver the personalized experiences audiences expect. With Cloudinary’s world-class media science technology and our end-to-end automation capabilities for creatives and marketers, we will bridge these gaps to empower all users to create and deliver compelling visual media experiences, wherever their audiences are engaged.”


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