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Create More Effective B2B Case Studies Using SuccessKit

SuccessKit’s system helps sales and marketing teams create, produce, and manage customized brand case studies.

Create More Effective B2B Case Studies Using SuccessKit
Elise Schoening

SuccessKit is designed to help B2B companies generate, manage and leverage case studies and customer success stories more effectively. It is positioned to collect the details needed for success stories, and then generate beautiful, branded content which sales teams can access when and where they need it.


The solution aims to collect and store success stories, automatically generate content and enable sales reps to easily share content with prospects. Features include:

  • Customized design: adjust case study/success story templates based on a client’s style guide;
  • Category and tagging system: organize and distribute content, positioning sales reps to easily find and use specific success story examples for different situations; and
  • Automatic recommendations: integrate with Salesforce to push recommended content based on the account/opportunity a rep is working on.

Target Market

SuccessKit is designed to be used by sales and marketing teams at medium-sized companies in the enterprise software and business services sectors.

Softwares Compatible With

SuccessKit is positioned to integrate with Salesforce.


It is priced on an annual subscription model, which ranges from $3,000-$12,000/year depending on the size of the team and the level of service required.

Present Clients

SuccessKit clients include Bedrock Data, FMT Solutions and Small Footprint.

Competitive Advantages

SuccessKit is designed to help B2B marketing and sales teams automatically create customer success content at scale. It aims to make storing and tagging content easy, as well as provide intelligent recommendations so sales reps are equipped with the right case study for every situation.

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