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How To Optimize Your B2B Email Newsletter

Email newsletters are one of the most popular B2B content strategies. Using this data will help you optimize your approach.

David Pepin

Email is one of those essential tools that no business can do without. Over half the world’s population is connected to email via various devices, making it one of the most universal communication methods of the digital age.

For B2B marketers, email newsletters are one of the most popular forms of content. Studies show around 81 percent of B2B marketers rely on the medium to be their top content form.

Our new download “Integrators’ Email Habits & Refining Your B2B Newsletter Strategy” explores some of the trends and preferences that are driving effective B2B email engagement strategies. The study surveys over an audience of over 200 integrators from readers of our sister sites, CE Pro, Commercial Integrator, and Security Sales & Integration.

Of those surveyed, nearly 70 percent represent companies of 100 or fewer employees. 23 percent represent medium sized companies of 101-500 people and the remaining 7 percent represent companies larger than 500 employees. Of those companies, 60 percent report they are commercially-focused, 30 percent are residential and 10 percent are security-only.

When reading the survey results, one glaring truth is that integrators appear to respond well to email communications from tech and software companies. Email was rated as the number one preferred method for receiving new product news from vendors with webinars and trade publications rounding out the top three.

According to the results, respondents generally agree that they like their emails to be informational about what the company is trying to communicate. Product brochures, how-to-videos, and educational guides were some of the top responses for preferred content types, proving that technical information is most important in B2B email communication.

As is the case with most marketing engagement strategies, timing is key when it comes to sending B2B newsletters. Over 50 percent of integrators agree that mornings are the time of day when they are most likely to engage in a new product email or newsletter from a vendor.

As the day moves on, the percentage dwindles down to only 11.1 percent who prefer to read these types of emails in the evenings. Furthermore, early in the week is the best time to send these types of emails, with Tuesdays, Mondays, and Wednesdays performing best in that order.

Download our full report about B2B newsletter strategies here. See all of our monthly research reports here.


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