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Litmus Builds Email Optimization Platform With Kickdynamic Acquisition

The partnership combines two organizations dedicated to upgrading email and content capabilities for marketers in any industry.

David Pepin

Industry-leading email marketing platform Litmus has announced it acquired Kickdynamic in a move designed to upgrade its AI content automation features. The union of the two leading email marketing solutions combines top email marketing solutions with content automation and AI product recommendations to help drive ROI.

“Customers are basing purchase decisions on brands that can provide them with a connected, customized experience whenever they want, wherever they want. With tools to leverage comprehensive data and dynamic content, marketers can better predict what their buyers will want in specific scenarios,” said Erik Nierenberg, CEO of Litmus.

“Personalization has never been more important for all brands, and our acquisition of Kickdynamic will help our customers provide the predictive content necessary to drive revenue. With Kickdynamic’s powerful dynamic content automation solution and Litmus’ market-leading email optimization, collaboration and insights platform, email marketers across all industries will be completely empowered to get the best return on email, significantly amplifying brand awareness, increasing conversions and acquiring new customers.”

Email is one of the top content distribution channels for B2B and B2C marketers, with research suggesting that 87 percent of B2B and 79 percent of B2C organizations utilizing it in the past 12 months.

With the acquisition of Kickdynamic, Litmus users can upgrade their ability to build, test, and collaborate on personalized email campaigns. When it comes to converting leads and driving revenue, personalization is key. According to Litmus’ own 2021 State of Email report, almost 60 percent of marketers believe personalization is essential to boosting email success.

Since Kickdynamic’s platform went live in 2013, it has focused on providing marketers with a platform to automate their content generation at scale and personalize individual emails based on data. The solution has worked with over 200 brands around the world like Kate Spade, The Washington Post, Epic Games, Staples, and Ted Baker.

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It joins a Litmus platform that is delivering game-changing email optimization and collaboration solutions for marketers in nearly every industry. Leading brands like ezCater, LendingTree, Hudl, Zendesk, and Samsung trust the platform to help develop campaigns, distribute them, and analyze the results for future content strategies.

“In joining forces with Litmus, the pioneer and market leader in the email space, we have a unique opportunity to enable leading brands with the power of dynamic content,” said Matt Hayes, CEO and co-founder of Kickdynamic. “With our shared mission of powering customized content and optimization efforts to promote more engaging experiences and drive better email results, Litmus and Kickdynamic will now be leaders in email marketing personalization. Customers will be empowered to build individualized, error-free email experiences at scale — experiences consumers actually want.”


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