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Litmus Releases New Email Personalization Strategy Capabilities

The new features are designed to optimize email workflow, boost ROI, and help marketers engage their audience.

David Pepin

Litmus, a leading all-in-one email marketing platform used by more than 700,000 users, has announced it is releasing a new suite of capabilities designed to upgrade personalized experiences and streamline workflows. The new capabilities will help Litmus fuel email engagement with subscribers and potential customers through highly-personalized and AI-powered email content.

“It’s no secret that personalization and automation are the two most critical components to a successful marketing program, regardless of size or vertical,” said Erik Nierenberg, CEO of Litmus. “With Litmus Personalize, we’re elevating the opportunities and impact of email for every marketing team by helping them create data-infused, subscriber-led dynamic content for their customers.”

The new capabilities are largely fueled by Litmus’ recent acquisition of Kickdynamic. As described in the Litmus 2021 State of Email report, more than 40 percent of brands are planning on increasing their email marketing spending. These growing investments are largely influenced by 71 percent of customers who report feeling frustrated when experiences are not personalized.

The new product upgrades will include:

  • Litmus Personalize: A solution capable of pulling data from multiple sources to help marketers automate and optimize email content creation. The tool features predictive recommendations that help personalize experiences and suggest similar products to audiences in real time.
  • Performance Indicators: Dashboards and analytics functions help users monitor what is and what isn’t performing well in email campaigns. The feature also serves to recommend suggested follow-up actions for every insight.
  • ESP Sync: Users can streamline email development and management with this tool that allows marketers to choose the folders where they sync their emails for ESPs such as Marketo, Hubspot, and Mailchimp.
  • Redesigned Analytics Tab: Complete with actionable dashboards, the tab helps users view insights in real time and take appropriate action at any time.

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“The Litmus Integrated Insights Report already saves us so much time by providing powerful metrics from our ESP in Litmus without having to switch between tools,” said Aubrey Badger, Associate Director of Performance Marketing at Arizona State University. “The addition of Email Performance Indicators makes it even easier to quickly and easily see which emails might need attention and take action with the suggested next steps. The UI is beautiful and seamless and the help documentation provides so much rich content to help us improve our strategy.”


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