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MNTN Expands Video Capabilities With QuickFrame Acquisition

Adding QuickFrame helps MNTN create a truly all-in-one video content advertising solution for brands to develop and analyze campaigns.

David Pepin

MNTN, one of the marketing industry’s fastest-growing adtech software platforms, has announced it has acquired a leading video content creation platform, QuickFrame. By acquiring a comprehensive platform such as QuickFrame, MNTN is investing in its video optimization capabilities during content creation, production, and analytics stages. 

The move comes just seven months after the company made headlines for acquiring Maximum Effort, the creative advertising agency founded by actor and now MNTN Chief Creative Officer Ryan Reynolds and George Dewey. 

“We believe fast and affordable are not the enemy of great creative. Quite the opposite. Some of Maximum Effort’s best work has been when we’ve been moving quickly with limited time and resources,” said Reynolds. “Adding QuickFrame to our Creative-as-a-Subscription model will allow brands big and small to move faster and more efficiently.”

With the acquisition of QuickFrame, MNTN can further accelerate the launch of its Creative-as-a-Subscription model, which allows brands to use a single platform to efficiently create, distribute, and measure content performance. With QuickFrame’s high performance creative video solution, users will be able to streamline their production of video ads for digital platforms and television. 

QuickFame’s video creation and insights platform are used around the world by more than 1,000 clients representing 20 different verticals. Its AI and ML-powered video tools feature partnerships with top platforms such as Meta, TikTok, Pinterest, Hulu, Roku, and YouTube. 

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The solution joins MNTN, which has been rapidly expanding its product capabilities lately, to grow its easy-to-use and efficient creative video tools. MNTN’s self-serve platform features its innovative Connected TV ads solution, which makes TV advertising just as accessible for brands as social media marketing. 

“We’ve been working closely with QuickFrame for several years and are blown away by the speed at which they’ve built a marketplace for efficiently creating TV Ads,” said MNTN Chief Executive Officer Mark Douglas.

“There is an overwhelming demand for brands to keep their ad content relevant and easily scale their video output. That’s why the response to Creative-as-a-Subscription has been so phenomenal and why this deal makes so much sense. This acquisition represents an important milestone in transforming the business model away from the complicated process of buying creative and media separately.”


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