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Salesforce Launches Free Business Content Streaming Service

The streaming service will feature a number of video series and podcasts with topics aimed at professional development and growth.

David Pepin

Content streaming services are one of the fastest growing marketing tools in modern business. According to a Grand View Research study, the video streaming market was over $50 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 21 percent each year approaching 2028.

Salesforce, the industry-leading CRM platform, has announced it will be launching its own streaming business focused on content for companies and different industries. Salesforce+ includes content features such as podcasts, live events, and original episode series.

“Just as brands like Disney, Netflix and Peloton have done with streaming services for consumers, Salesforce+ is providing an always-on, business-media platform that builds trusted relationships with customers and a sense of belonging for the business community,” said Sarah Franklin, president-CMO, Salesforce.

The content will be developed and published by Salesforce’s internal writers and producers, including 50 additional editors. The free streaming service will feature a lineup of content including:

  • Connections: Marketing professional interviews hosted by President-CMO Sarah Franklin.
  • Leading Through Change: Exploring how businesses are responding to Covid-19.
  • Boss Talks: A career development series run by Ebony Beckwith, the chief philanthropy officer at Salesforce.
  • The Infliction Point: CEOs of different large organizations share stories as well as who and what inspire them.
  • Simply Put: A short video series exploring some of the common challenges businesses face and how to combat them.

“As a result of the pandemic, we looked at the media landscape, where people are consuming content, and decided the days of white papers in a business-to-business setting were no longer interesting to people. We’re staring at a cookie-less future. And looking at the consumer world, we reflected on that for Salesforce and asked, why shouldn’t we be thinking about this too,” said Colin Fleming, the company’s senior vice president of global brand marketing.

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The company believes that Salesforce+ can be a powerful tool for professionals and organizations who want to develop their business skills and strategies.

During the pandemic in 2020, companies often struggled with their digital transformations. With the help of its new free streaming service, Salesforce hopes to give every user the capabilities to create successful strategies.

Salesforce+ will officially become live in September at Dreamforce and will be available worldwide.


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