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Synths Video Allows Marketers To Turn Blog Posts Into Videos Using AI

The platform uses AI actor and voiceover templates to quickly create effective YouTube video content with information from blogs.

David Pepin

Youtube hosts over a billion hours of content every day. It is the fourth largest social media platform in the world and hosts over two billion users every month.

The world’s largest video platform presents endless opportunities for audience engagement for marketers, and according to 87 percent of video marketers, the platform is effective as a part of their strategies.

Synths Video is an innovative new tool designed to transform text articles into videos using AI capabilities. The tool works by gathering content from a provided blog post URL before turning the content into a video using avatar templates and voiceover AI.

Research suggests that video viewers on average can retain up to 95 percent of information from a video vs only 10 percent from written text. The tool has a built in YouTube integration allowing it to create content and automatically upload it for viewing.

The tool has over 45 different pre-recorded avatar templates that can accommodate 40 different languages. The solution is designed to automatically convert written content into videos for YouTube content strategies.

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The solution aims to save marketers and content teams time and resources while also driving traffic and engagement to business YouTube channels. Synths Video’s innovative product focuses on speeding up content production processes so that companies can grow brand awareness and scale their video production activities.

The Los Angeles based company is capable of turning over 100 articles per month into engaging videos that can be produced in as little as 20 minutes. 87 percent of marketers in 2021 report positive ROI as a result of video content, and this innovative tool provides users with a way to make their content engaging and easy to create.


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