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The State Of Video 2020 Report: Video Content Is Now An Essential

Video content experienced an explosion in popularity in 2020 as video messaging grew 471 percent thanks to social distancing regulations.

David Pepin

According to research by Vidyard and Demand Metric, the use of video messaging by organizations and businesses grew 471 percent in 2020. The State of Video Report, released in late 2020, analyzes how video has become a necessary part of content marketing strategies.

By collecting answers from 300 marketers on their investment in video content in 2020, the study found that businesses believe video drives conversations better than other platforms. The percentage of organizations who produced more than 50 videos in a year grew 254 percent in 2020 compared to 2019.

94 percent of the study’s respondents claim video is as good as, if not better than other platforms for driving engagement.

Video content creates valuable metrics that marketers and sales professionals can use to qualify leads and engage potential consumers. 90 percent of sales professionals and 65 percent of marketers reported accentuating it in their business activities.

By gathering and analyzing video metrics, sales, marketing, and video creation professionals can gain valuable insights into what types of video content perform best.

Hosting platforms can be found both free and paid, and can offer businesses a place to store their video content. They can also help organizations integrate their content with the rest of their technology stack.

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The study respondents reported a correlation between paid platforms and video satisfaction, therefore suggesting that investing in the right hosting platform can boost overall video performance.

Video truly experienced a massive growth in 2020, and by taking advantage of its capabilities, business organizations can upgrade their customer interactions.


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