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Uberflip Expands Product Offerings With New Releases

New products, led by the innovative Uberflip Enrichments, allow marketers to take advantage of content engagement metrics.

David Pepin

Content marketing is one of the most effective strategies for reaching target audiences in 2021. 82 percent of marketers invest resources into boosting their content strategies. As a result, 96 percent of marketers report that using content strategies has helped build strong relationships with target audiences.

Uberflip, one of the industry-leading cloud-based content management platforms, has announced it is releasing Enriched Analytics to help target potential customers. The new capabilities are designed to provide comprehensive metrics and insights into customer data, allowing marketers to monitor their audience buying habits.

Enrichment provides marketers with innovative deep analytics, offering insights such as the buyer’s name, geographic location, company information, lead status, and type of content viewed.

“There are so many powerful aspects to Enrichment, but two stand out to me in particular,” said Yoav Schwartz, co-founder and CEO of Uberflip. “First, customers don’t need to have a data science background to tap into this granular level of insights. It’s all centralized, accessible and easily manipulated. Second, Enrichment shines light on who is engaging with your content, revealing insights on your buying committee that can strengthen your ABM campaigns.”

Uberflip’s content management platform allows its users to launch effective campaigns, scale ABM strategies, and access sales metrics to boost overall engagement. With the release of Enrichment, Uberflip allows marketers to see exactly who is viewing their content and how to best engage with them.

Since Uberflip was founded in 2012, the platform has focused on being an end-to-end content management solution for marketing teams across global industries.

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In addition to Enrichment’s launch, Uberflip has released a set of new capabilities including:

  • 6sense Tag Manager, a tool designed to empower data-driven ABM campaigns with 6sense attribute tags.
  • Stream Internal Name, a new solution equipping organizations with the tools to organize internal stream names.
  • Salesforce.com Custom Fields, allowing users to view content performance metrics in Salesforce.
  • Call-to-Action (CTA) Management Page, a new interface for efficiently managing CTAs.

“Uberflip Analytics is changing the way we measure success for ABM campaigns,” said Brandon Wittnebel, Director of Marketing, Mobility for Trimble Transportation. “With the new Enrichment capability, we can now see details about how our targeted accounts are interacting with content which is helping us to craft better content and better distribution paths. We are just scratching the surface of what Uberflip Analytics can bring to bear, but it is already having a positive impact on our ABM efforts.”


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