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Unstack Announces Integration With Semrush SEO Tools

The new SEO capabilities give Unstack customers access to comprehensive research tools powered by databases and insights.

Unstack Announces Integration With Semrush SEO Tools
David Pepin

Unstack has announced it is upgrading its content marketing capabilities with the integration of Semrush SEO tools. The integration will include the introduction of the Semrush Keyword Magic and Semrush Competitor Lookup tools.

These tools are designed to give marketers powerful research capabilities to fuel better content marketing strategies. Keyword Magic gives marketers the ability to access databases with keyword metrics for over 20 billion keywords. By entering terms into the search tool, marketers can find valuable information such as competition monthly search volume and cost per click.

More insights such as search trends, global and U.S. search volume, and CPC appears can be found through clicking and expanding keywords.

Semrush’s Competitor Lookup helps organizations grow their competitor performance insights. By searching for domains, businesses can use databases to compare their own performance to how their competitors are doing.

The integration allows marketers to control all parts of research, monitoring, and publishing of content from one single platform.

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“Unstack keeps making things easier for me,” said Gary Amaral, co-founder of Breadcrumbs. “Now, with their Semrush integration, we can quickly iterate or create pages fully-informed by relevant keyword and competitive research—all in one place, in one platform. Anytime a multi-tool, multi-screen, or multi-step process can be accomplished so effectively in one place I’m in.”

Unstack customers are able to access Semrush tools directly from their existing accounts.


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