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ActionIQ Releases Real-Time Customer Experiences Solution

Even the smallest of upgrades to overall customer experiences can trigger massive increases in profits and customer retention rates.

David Pepin

When it comes to customer experiences, the Covid-19 pandemic forced a sudden and drastic permanent change. High quality and personalized customer experiences are now the expectation for the majority of consumers.

ActionIQ, one of the the top enterprise customer data platforms has announced the general availability of its Real-Time Customer Experiences (RTCX). The release aims to help B2B and B2C brands power more engaging customer experiences in real time with consumer insights.

RTCX features a full package of CX operations tools with real-time metrics and monitoring displays. The product aims to reduces operational costs and upgrade experiences over multiple customer touchpoints with its powerful automation capabilities. Key features of RTCX include:

  • Streamlined data gathering and enrichment as a result of first and third-party sources
  • Real-time identity stitching made possible by machine learning and customer profile history
  • Empowered omnichannel activation and real-time decisions based on customer profiles and triggers

According to Salesforce research, 89% of consumers will be more likely to make additional purchases after experiencing a positive customer service. For a brand such as ActionIQ that aims to change the ways companies digitally engage with consumers, the shifting importance of customer experiences represents a golden opportunity to deliver.

Furthermore, research also shows that by taking action to increase customer retention rates by as little as 5 percent can yield profit increases as dramatic as 70 percentage points.

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The platform aims to revolutionize digital customer experiences by targeting data as its core component. ActionIQ’s solutions are trusted around the world by brands such as The New York Times, Pandora, Shopify, and Vera Bradley. The solution connects first-party data and customer data to help G2000 companies upgrade their customer experiences.

“With RTCX, ActionIQ clients can now deploy dynamic, real-time experiences seamlessly across every channel where they interact with their customers,” said Justin DeBrabant, Vice President of Product at ActionIQ. “No other solution comes close to the simplicity, speed and scalability of ActionIQ’s real-time capabilities.”