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ActiveCampaign Announces Release Of Microsoft 365 Integration

The new partnership takes advantage of automation to help businesses grow communications and personalize customer experiences.

ActiveCampaign Announces Release Of Microsoft 365 Integration
David Pepin

Chicago-based cloud software platform ActiveCampaign has announced its integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365, a move that allows businesses to grow and streamline customer base management. The collaboration offers major new offerings for ActiveCampaign’s over 145,000 customers in 170 countries that help bring in $165 million in revenue.

The move is designed to align sales and marketing teams through system communication so they can focus on building great relationships with customers. By using data from email, text, website, and social media platforms, users can leverage valuable insights into creating personalized customer experiences.

ActiveCampaign is designed to make discovering and qualifying leads more accessible for growing businesses by:

  • Streamlining lead securing and qualifying
  • Leads scored based on actions
  • Automated next steps

The partnership aims to make sharing leads easier for marketing and sales teams to automate collaboration.

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The integration also serves to improve CRM data across channels by automating and customizing consumer experiences on their platforms of choice. Whether customers prefer ActiveCampaign or Microsoft 365’s platform, customers will now have access to capabilities of both.

The direct integration is currently available on ActiveCampaign’s Professional and Enterprise plans.