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AI Language Translation Platform Unbabel Acquires Lingo24

Top global brands around the world utilize both platforms to ensure they can reach international markets with multiple language capabilities.

David Pepin

Unbabel, an AI-enabled language translation platform designed to support customer-facing teams, has announced it has acquired AI translation solution Lingo24. The move is designed to accelerate Unbabel’s ability to bring global enterprise brands reliable translation services. 

“Lingo24 is an ideal partner for Unbabel to accelerate its growth because of Lingo24’s strong enterprise customer relationships, incredible talent, and deep expertise in localization, translation, and marketing,” said Vasco Pedro, CEO and co-founder of Unbabel.

“Our solution will now provide consistent, high-quality multilingual experiences across marketing and customer service channels, accelerating companies’ international growth. This acquisition is an important step in our journey to give global enterprises the ability to fast track and automate their Language Operations.”

By acquiring Lingo24, Unbabel is investing in creating a comprehensive, polished language operations platform. The acquisition upgrades Unbabel’s ability to bring multilingual content to scale for marketing and customer service departments around the world. The new capabilities also fuels product development and global expansion into new markets. 

The two platforms will work together to bring customer-facing teams diverse language content and AI capabilities for digital channels such as chat, email, and FAQs. The end-to-end services integrate easily with popular CRM and CMS platforms like Salesforce, Zendesk, WordPress, and Kustomer. 

According to Unbabel’s own Global Multilingual CX Report, 71 percent of global customers believe it is important that a brand endorses their products in their native language, regardless of where the company is headquartered. Language localization can often be difficult, but Unbabel’s platform centralizes the process to make reaching global markets easier and more efficient than ever before.

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Edinburgh-based Lingo24’s tech platform is designed to deliver language services to some of the top brands in the world. Its services are trusted by by top companies such as Patagonia, Eventbrite, WPP, Virgin Group, and Trainline.

Unbabel’s award winning platform offers users global support in a diverse roster of languages to help business organizations eliminate language barriers and expand into new markets. Its AI platform makes it easy for brands such as Panasonic, Microsoft, Booking.com, and Udemy to build customer relationships around the world, regardless of culture and language. 

“This acquisition enables us to become a world-class multilingual content partner to global brands seeking to optimize their localization and multilingual content strategy,” said Andrew Campbell, CEO of Lingo24.

“Joining forces with Unbabel means we can now grow beyond localized content and offer multilingual customer support to our customers looking to expand into new regions.”