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AskNicely Raises $32 Million To Develop Frontline Success Platform

The funding will help the company accelerate its product development for empowering service business frontline workers.

David Pepin

Industry-leading customer experience software AskNicely has announced it has raised $32 million in new funding to further develop its solution for service businesses and launch an innovative new Frontline Success platform. The investment was led by Five Elms Capital with additional participation from Nexus Venture Partners and Blackbird.

“Traditional customer experience software solutions do an ok job keeping analysts busy with mountains of data, but they totally ignore the actual people responsible for serving the customer,” AskNicely CEO Aaron Ward said.

“It’s kind of outrageous that the class of worker that’s most impactful on the customer experience is also the most under-served, under-paid, and under-appreciated. We’ve designed AskNicely for the frontline worker and made it our mission to make frontline work awesome.”

The new funding fuels the development of the company’s Frontline Success platform, which aims to prioritize customer experience improvements for both customer and frontline workers. The platform features several key tools such as real-time NPS measurements, employee feedback and coaching, workflow management, and recognition identification to inspire great customer interactions.

Founded in 2014, AskNicely is one of the top players in the customer experience SaaS space. Its solutions are used around the world by more than 3,000 service businesses to optimize their frontline work. Industry-leaders such as Disney, Uber, Starbucks, and more utilize the platform to empower their customer experience strategies and improve overall ROI.

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“Service businesses are experiencing increasingly high levels of competition for both customers and employees as customer loyalty has declined and labor shortages persist post-COVID,” Ryan Mandl, Managing Director at Five Elms Capital said.

“AskNicely has developed a beautifully elegant set of software solutions to ensure every customer gets the right experience and the frontline worker gets the right feedback, coaching, and recognition for their work. Given that frontline workers make up 80% of the planet’s working population, we see an enormous market opportunity for AskNicely’s Frontline Success Platform, and are excited to partner with Aaron and the AskNicely team to continue to develop innovative products for their fast-growing, global customer base.”