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Coveo Empowers Digital Retailers With Qubit Acquisition

The integration of the two platforms is helps empower personalized digital shopper experiences across e-commerce brands.

David Pepin

Coveo, a digital experience platform dedicated to optimizing e-commerce with AI, has announced it is upgrading its personalization capabilities with the acquisition of Qubit. The partnership is designed to empower organizations to meet and exceed customer expectations using AI innovations.

“Qubit’s IP and expertise comes at a perfect time as enterprises turn to AI-driven solutions to provide highly relevant responses, offers and recommendations to their customers at scale. Adding Qubit’s capabilities to the Coveo Relevance Cloud™ platform helps us accelerate the delivery of new incremental innovations to further personalize digital commerce experiences,” said Louis Têtu, Coveo Chairman and CEO.

With the acquisition of the London-based Qubit, Coveo expands its reach in the global marketplace. In industries around the world, the integration will empower online retailers to take advantage of personalized recommendations and search tools. For users, the integration will include:

  • AI e-commerce searches designed to identify buyer intent and automatically determines the best context for customer engagement.
  • Greater control of the shopper journey with A/B tested personalized searches, product pages, and analytics.
  • Shopper touchpoint across multiple digital and mobile platforms such as chatbots and open commerce support.
  • Customer support customization tools that help increase value.

“We’re delighted to be joining Coveo’s mission. Our two businesses complement each other perfectly across both technology and expertise and are aligned to deliver a total solution for the benefit of our customers’ success,” Graham Cooke, Qubit CEO, said. “We look forward to delivering more business value to our collective customers as we roll out our integrated offering that drives forward the next level of personalization.”

Around the world, Qubit is trusted by global retail brands such as TJX, Kate Spade, Barbour, and LVMH to deliver personalized experiences to around 4.4 million shoppers every day. Combined with Coveo’s platform helping brands like Salesforce and Adobe deliver relevant interactions, the two companies aim to advance AI personalization in e-commerce settings.

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“Today is an exciting day for the company as we close our second ecommerce acquisition, the first being the acquisition of AI-based, digital commerce engines company Tooso in 2019,” said Laurent Simoneau, Co-founder, President & CTO of Coveo.

“Coveo’s expansion into the European region and focus on delivering innovative and forward-thinking ecommerce solutions powered by AI is a strategic part of our plan to grow our product offering.”