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Creatio Study Suggests 5 Trends Shaping Customer Experience In 2021

The pandemic seriously changed the ways that consumers and businesses interact, and organizations have to adapt to expectations in 2021.

David Pepin

The pandemic has changed the way consumers and businesses interact, and a new study by Creatio reveals the top trends that will define customer experiences in 2021.

86 percent of CX leaders have reported having to make a change in their strategies in the past year, according to research by Corinium Intelligence. This comes as a result of 50 percent of customers now expecting higher quality experiences.

As customer experience becomes more and more of a priority in the business world, Creatio’s study revealed five trends that are set to characterize 2021.

Engagement Via Hybrid Models 

Creatio’s data finds that almost 80 percent of consumers have increased their amount of digital interactions because of the pandemic.

Forrester research predicts a 40 percent boost in customer interactions in 2021, suggesting that the future of customer interactions will be widely digital.

Customer Journeys Continue To Change

Creatio’s data suggests that customer journeys will continue to change in 2021. Some trends of 2020 will stay and some will return to pre-pandemic environments, but the landscape will see mass changes from last year.

Having quick and effective IT and CX strategies can help brands adapt to changing business environments. They allow businesses to quickly respond to changes, and it gives them an advantage over competitors without effective strategies.

Customer Relationships More Important Than Ever

2020 proved that brands who connected with their customers personally saw improved relationships and engagements. In 2021, those expectations remain the same.

By understanding their customer persona with insights, brands will target more personal interactions with customers in 2021. Personal interactions are set to become the priority of CX strategies.

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Self-Service Grows In Popularity

As technology progresses and trends change, customers in 2021 are expecting to be able to interact with brands through self-service support channels. Statista research in 2020 revealed that 88 percent of U.S. consumers expect a form of online self-service channel from brands.

Creatio’s data predicts that by 2023, 88 percent of organizations will have self-service solutions embedded into their CX strategy. Some common forms include chatbots, customer portals, website solutions, and apps.

Self-service can be used effectively as an instant support solution for customers, streamlining interactions.

Touchless Technology Remains Popular

When the pandemic slowed down face-to-face interactions, touchless technology became more popular to consumers. Technologies such as Zero UI, a voice and motion focused interaction solution, can give companies a competitive advantage over competitors.

The pandemic caused a major shake up to customer experiences and their expectations. For companies, by adapting multi experience solutions and prioritizing personal interactions, they can stay relevant with trends and fulfill their consumers’ needs.