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Dialpad Acquires Kare Knowledgeware, Enables Conversational AI

The integration can use data to automate responses to common inquiries and route more complex questions to appropriate representatives.

David Pepin

Industry-leading AI communication and collaboration platform Dialpad has announced its acquisition of Kare Knowledgeware in a move designed to expand the platform’s AI and NLP capabilities. Kare Knowledgeware’s solution streamlines workflow orchestration, intelligence management, and business analytics and intelligence to help enhance conversational AI customer experiences.

“Dialpad is thrilled to welcome Kare Knowledgeware for both its innovative technology and incredibly talented workforce,” said Craig Walker, CEO of Dialpad. “Kare Knowledgeware and Dialpad have very similar DNA, with a passion to pursue the vast possibilities of AI, turn them into reality and leverage the power of AI to revolutionize the CX industry.”

Dialpad is an industry-leading all-in-one cloud communications app designed to integrate AI into employee and customer interactions. The platform is trusted by over 7,000 global brands such as Netflix, T-Mobile, Twitter, and Uber.

Kare Knowledgeware’s all-in-one platform helps optimize customer experience interactions by automating common answers to common questions based on data. Its self-service software can find answers to 95 percent of inbound traffic inquiries, allowing customer-facing teams to focus more on driving revenue.

“In our research, the top CX transformation project among 57% of successful companies is investing in self-service capabilities. When companies use AI-enabled, self-service tools like Kare’s, they see a 40% growth in revenue and a 51% improvement in agent efficiency.” said Robin Gareiss, CEO of Metrigy, a digital communication research firm.

The integration will create a unified customer experience powered by AI. By scanning and searching for data in Dialpad’s databases, the software can provide real-time answers to customer questions. Hold time will be reduced with the self-service functions freeing time for customer service agents to focus on more complex inquiries that can’t be automatically answered.

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With the acquisition, Dialpad continues to invest resources into expanding conversational AI capabilities. The majority (67 percent) of customers prefer self-service solutions to speaking on the phone with a representative. AI and NLP tools will accelerate responsiveness to customers by handling all common questions while routing complex inquiries to the appropriate representative.

Additionally, the software integration will team up with the Dialpad Contact Center and Voice Intelligence solutions to provide live conversation transcripts and archives.

“The Kare Knowledgeware team is excited to join Dialpad, a fast-rising organization dedicated to radically transforming digital customer experiences,” said Tim Porter, Founder and CEO of Kare Knowledgeware. “The unified communication and CX markets are ripe environments for innovation and we look forward to driving both of these industries forward as a key part of Dialpad.”