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Direct Mail: The Key To Upgrading Multichannel Campaign ROI

New research shows marketers who use direct mail see multichannel campaign performance boosted by almost 20%.

Direct Mail: The Key To Upgrading Multichannel Campaign ROI
Michael Rodriguez

PFL, a marketing automation platform, released its third-annual State of Multichannel Marketing Report, surveying 600 different marketers and recording their results over the last year. The report highlights the impact of direct mail on ROI, the importance of data accuracy, knowing a target audience and maintaining consistent brand messaging.

According to the report, 84% of respondents cited direct mail as a resource for improving multichannel campaign performance. Marketers who used direct mail saw an 18% increase in multichannel campaign ROI as opposed to marketers who did not.

Additional takeaways from the report include:

  • The effectiveness of email marketing has decreased in 2020;
  • Marketers that used between four and six different channels saw a higher response rate to their campaigns;
  • Branding, data accuracy and buyer knowledge are important for multichannel campaign success;
  • 41% percent of respondents reported “good” ROI when using direct mail in their multichannel campaigns; and
  • Direct mail is the best channel to reach an executive audience.

“With marketing budgets projected to decrease over the next year, marketing leaders don’t have room for error in their multichannel strategies and campaigns,” said Andrew Field, CEO of PFL, in a statement. “Delivering a brand experience that breaks through the clutter is essential in today’s digital-first world, leading to increased brand recognition, engagement and, most importantly, sales.”

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