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Medallia Acquires Thunderhead, Boosts Experience Management Insights

By combining two of the world’s top customer journey insights solutions, brands benefit from new comprehensive experience management tools.

David Pepin

Medallia, one of the world’s top customer and employee experience platforms, has announced it has acquired Thunderhead. The move combines two of the global leaders in experience management to power optimized individual journeys  and interactions at scale.

“We continue to blaze the innovation trail for the customer experience world. This latest acquisition is targeted at the needs of the most pioneering enterprise companies who are looking for new ways to make customers feel known, no matter where they are interacting,” said Medallia CEO Leslie Stretch.

“The combination of Medallia Experience Cloud and Thunderhead’s open technology for real-time interaction delivers feedback-driven personalization on a massive scale. Thunderhead’s journey orchestration capability ensures every enterprise can make the most of feedback data to shape their product and service offerings, customer journeys, and experiences.”

Thunderhead’s technology is used around the world by top brands such as the Cleveland Cavaliers, Honda, Office Depot, and Bosch to streamline real-time engagements and customer journey orchestration.

The comprehensive One Engagement Hub platform helps brands better understand customer intent with powerful tools that listen to customer buying trends, gather and analyze insights, and apply the improvements to its next customer conversation. For thousands of enterprise organizations the platform has helped increase brand loyalty, sales, and overall growth.

For Medallia, the acquisition will upgrade its ability to provide innovative customer service solutions across all online and offline channels. The award-winning software platform Medallia Experience Cloud is one of the world’s most powerful solutions in customer experience, automatically gathering billions of experience signals from voice, video, digital, IoT, social media, and messaging mediums.

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Global brands such as Sephora, H&R Block, Mercedes-Benz, Samsung, and Airbnb use the software’s AI and machine learning technology to automatically generate and interpret predictive insights.

“The acquisition of Thunderhead by Medallia heralds the next era of customer experience. We pioneered the idea of The Customer Operating System, with our closed-loop customer engagement platform powered by continuous listening, feedback, and learning, all actioned through our unique fusion of journey orchestration and real-time interaction management (RTIM),” said Thunderhead CEO Glen Manchester.

“With Thunderhead, Medallia can ensure that every single aspect of the customer lifecycle — marketing, commerce, sales, and service — will be a seamless, relevant, and frictionless experience.”

The financial terms of the acquisition will close in the first quarter of FY 2022.


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