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mParticle and Shopify Announce Partnership To Create Data Driven Customer View

The integration allows marketers to create more personalized customer experiences based on eCommerce data.

David Pepin

Customer data platform mParticle has announced its newest integrated partnership with Shopify in a move designed to help upgrade full cycle customer experiences. The Shopify integration provides access to expanded analytics and data tools, adding to mParticle’s existing 300+ tools.

The integration allows mParticles users to pull user and event data from Shopify’s platform to help learn more about their current and potential customers. The capabilities help marketers deliver more personalized and accurate experiences. The integration streamlines this process as well by providing a single system solution.

The partnership strategically benefits brands and users of both platforms by providing a single customer management platform based on data. This customer view is easily accessible and gathers data from multiple sources such as websites, social media, eCommerce, apps, and more. See the bullet points below for a summary of the key capabilities:

  • Complete Customer Data: Shopify’s platform gathers data from purchases and analyzes it to generate customer insights.
  • Improved Personalized Support: Customer service representatives can use tools to track customer interactions that help create more personalized experiences.
  • Valuable Follow-Up: Cancellation, shipping, and delivery data can by taken advantage of by users to plan follow-up email, in-app, and notification messages.

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“From day one, we’ve focused on building a completely open ecosystem of partner integrations,” commented Michael Katz, CEO and co-founder of mParticle. “The addition of Shopify is another testament to that promise, helping build a single view of the customer so that we can help companies deliver a consistent and personalized experience to every customer across all touch points.”