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SPLICE Software Launches New Data Migration Capabilities

The migration capabilities help users easily transfer relevant data and contact information into its powerful two-way chat service.

David Pepin

Digital customer journey personalization solution SPLICE Software has announced new migration capabilities to help fresh customers seamlessly transition to the SPLICE Talk App. By using the new migration tools, users can quickly and easily their transfer relevant data, chat history, and opt-in/opt-out records from other two-way text providers.

“Change is inevitable, as we saw with recent Zipwhip platform news, and it’s important for customer service professionals, especially in the insurance and retail sectors, to continue to have excellent communication engagement options,” said Tara Kelly, President and CEO of SPLICE Software. “Knowing that, our migration capabilities include templates and integration features to help insurers and retailers achieve a seamless, safe transfer from one platform to another without disrupting their customers’ experience.”

SPLICE Software provides customizable consumer engagement solutions for customer-facing teams in diverse industries such as insurance, retail, and finance. The full suite of automated workflows and digital assets are designed to help optimize engagement and customer satisfaction rates. The platform aims to maximize the value of each and every text, email, web chat, and voice-first communication channel in a brand’s campaign with highly-personalized messaging technology.

The migration capabilities include a template and chat history transfer to maintain communication continuity. In addition to the transfer initiation, the migration capabilities also give a company access to APIs that support data-driven communication automation.

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The solution features strategic partnerships with channels such as Salesforce, EZLynx, Insuresoft, Duck Creek Technologies, and Drip to help brands focus on creating engaging customer experiences. Around the world, the software is trusted my enterprise brands such as Western Financial, Big Sandy Superstore, and American Integrity.

“SPLICE has been an incredible partner – partner being the operative word – for our company to help us with our communication outreach efforts, especially as it pertains to our ability to assist our customers after a major catastrophic event.” – Toni Logan, Vice President of Marketing, American Integrity Insurance Company


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