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TrustRadius And 6sense Team Up To Boost Customer Experiences

6sense users will be able to gather valuable company and product insights thanks to integrated customer reviews from TrustRadius.

David Pepin

Customer service expectations are growing increasingly higher as businesses and customer adapt to digital interactions. TrustRadius, a software market leading customer review platform has announced it is integrating with 6sense’s ABM platform to drive better customer experiences.

“Serious buyers use TrustRadius to make purchase decisions. Their behavior translates to intent data signals. Those downstream signals are among the strongest in the market. We’re excited to partner with 6sense to give marketers access to this second-party intent data,” said TrustRadius CEO Vinay Bhagat.

TrustRadius works by allowing users to search software companies and categories to read verified customer reviews. The solution intends to be a trusted resource for quality software reviews by customers, for customers.

TrustRadius, launched in 2013, now hosts over 60,000 customer reviews accessed more than 100,000 community members registered. The site is utilized every month by nearly 300,000 business professionals and expands beyond with shared content. The platform features review contributions from 77 percent of Fortune 100 companies.

The solution integrates with 6sense to create a powerful buyer intent data feature. Data is gathered from reviews and competitor comparisons to give marketing teams easy-to-use and comprehensive insights into customer buying habits.

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6sense’s ABM Platform, designed to help B2B organizations grow their ROI with AI and machine learning capabilities, receives expanded data insight capabilities as a result of the new partnership. The integration features are already in use by brands such as Planful, WatchGuard, and ThoughtSpot to upgrade their ABM strategies and campaigns.

“This unique intent data from TrustRadius’ platform complements the 6sense Intent Data Network and builds upon our commitment to help marketing and sales extract the most value from the Dark Funnel,” said 6sense SVP of Product & UX, Amar Doshi.