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CTA Research: Technology Becoming Even More Essential Post-Pandemic

Among U.S. households, technology is a necessity as consumer intent to purchase technology products rises 11 percent.

David Pepin

According to a new study by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), consumers are becoming more likely to purchase technology products within the next year. With 39 percent of households in the United States claiming the pandemic as a major reason for this change, technology is becoming an essential in post pandemic life.

Home technologies are one of the fastest growing segments in the market. 53 percent of homes in America own at least one video game console, growing 10 percent from the previous year.

Included in the growth in U.S. households are technologies like smart speakers (41 percent own), televisions (91 percent own), and wireless earbuds (47 percent own).

The pandemic also caused a spike in how technology is utilized in health and wellness, with 20 percent of households having used their first digital health service. Air purifiers (25 percent own), health monitoring devices (23 percent own), and wearable fitness trackers (31 percent) all showed growth in the past year.

“More people now see tech as essential – not only for working and learning and connecting during the pandemic, but for changing our post-pandemic lives for the better,” Steve Koenig, VP of research, CTA commented.

“As we all adapted to life during the pandemic and tried new technologies, we discovered these innovations – streaming video, virtual meetings, telemedicine, contactless delivery – improved our everyday lives. Our latest research shows more consumers want the latest technology innovations to help them lead a happy and healthy 21st century lifestyle.”

Smartphones continue to see massive growth each year, with 90 percent of households currently owning one and 37 percent planning on purchasing one in the near future. At that rate, smartphones are set to become the most frequently owned technology in households in the United States. Currently televisions hold that title with 91 percent owning one.

The survey data was collected from nearly 2,500 American adults in April of 2021 to discover powerful insights about the market. The results are clear: technology was a big part of consumers’ lives during the pandemic, and will only become a larger part of every day life in the post-pandemic world.