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Jebbit Releases Personalized E-Commerce Feature Dynamic Products Feed

Dynamic Products Feed is designed to help accelerate product recommendations to improve cart abandonment rates.

David Pepin

Marketing data platform Jebbit has announced its release of Dynamic Products Feeds, a new sales enablement feature designed to help brands upload files and enhance product match quizzes using personalization.

According to research by Forrester, a third of U.S. adults expect their online shopping experience to be more personalized. Dynamic Product Feeds helps create those personalized shopping experiences by guiding the selling process with improved product recommendations that improve purchase confidence.

Dynamic Product Feeds has the capability to upload whole product catalogs, make recommendations for customers based off of their answers, and customize the display for multiple devices. The feature can also make and present recommendations to consumers in under an hour, rather than days or weeks.

“Jebbit has been the driving force behind this year’s biggest marketing trend in Quiz Commerce, the gamification of consumer exchange and conversations,” Tom Coburn, Co-Founder and CEO of Jebbit commented.

“Giving customers access to Dynamic Product Feeds is the perfect add-on as it further increases the likelihood of a sale by delivering the perfect product recommendation. This not only delivers high value and satisfaction to consumers but reduces return rates and the high associated costs to businesses which Forrester Research suggests represents annual losses of $18 trillion dollars.”

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The powerful feature is changing the way consumers and sellers interact. Forrester Research estimates $4 trillion worth of products are left unsold due to unappetizing sales offers.

Dynamic Product Feeds aims to speed up personalized recommendations to consumers to help lower cart abandonment rates.

“Jebbit’s dynamic product feeds enable us to upload our entire product catalogue, speed-up our Jebbit experience build/launch timing so we can focus on learning customers’ preferences and more quickly optimize the quiz. With a few simple questions, we recommend any product we sell based on their specific needs, just like you would in a retail store with an associate to help you,” Josh Reed, Director of Consumer Demand Generation, Goodbaby International said.

“Our initial testing has proved to help overwhelmed parents-to-be by reducing shopper bounce rates by 48% on average, increasing average time spent on our site by 90%, and boosting overall conversion rates by 152% for visitors that completed quizzes vs. the general site average. We are now in the process of rolling it out more broadly.”