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Salesforce Automates Ad Sales Activities With New Media Cloud Release

The new platform saves marketing and sales teams time and money with a single, complete strategic CRM solution.

David Pepin

CRM giant Salesforce has announced the release of its newest application for managing cross-channel advertising sales. The release of Advertising Sales Management for Media Cloud represents a new form of automation of client and campaign management for multimedia brands.

According to Salesforce’s own research, an average of 23 systems are used to manage and track advertising campaigns in the multimedia industry. However, with the release of Advertising Sales Management for Media Cloud, Salesforce aims to take away the errors and frustrations this can cause. By providing a single, streamlined platform, marketers can view all the data and insights from multiple channels in one dashboard.

See below for a summary of the platform’s capabilities:

  • Unified Platform Grows Sales Campaigns: By using a single platform to create and analyze campaign performance, sales professionals can save time by not having to switch to different systems.
  • Automated Integrations Between Advertising Systems: When using multiple systems, data flow is automated to minimize errors caused by jumping between systems.
  • Dashboards Provide Easily Read Insights: Insights and data are easily accessible to help streamline next steps. Dashboards allow marketing and sales teams to constantly keep an eye on metrics and insights.

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“We understand the complexity that comes with managing advertising sales in today’s increasingly digital world, especially with publishers managing data across so many different advertising channels and formats,” commented Christopher Dean, VP and GM, Media Cloud. “With Advertising Sales Management, Media Cloud’s new industry-specific application built natively on top of the Salesforce Customer 360 platform, we’re giving publishers one simple platform to help their teams manage everything in one place.”