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ZoomInfo Releases MarketingOS, New Account-Based Marketing Solution

MarketingOS is designed to be ZoomInfo’s marketing intelligence branch of RevOS, helping ABM teams monitor insights and engagement strategies

David Pepin

ZoomInfo, an industry-leading go-to-market software, data, and intelligence solution, has announced it has released a comprehensive new account-based marketing (ABM) platform to help businesses and revenue teams fuel growth. MarketingOS is a consolidated system designed to utilize ZoomInfo’s database of B2B data and company insights to help sales and marketing professionals convert leads into customers.

“Our comprehensive B2B database is the key differentiator that sets MarketingOS apart from other ABM solutions,” said ZoomInfo Founder and CEO Henry Schuck. “ZoomInfo’s unique data science algorithms allow marketers to connect with the right prospects at precisely the right time. No other solution on the market combines the power of data-driven insights and marketing-optimized workflows like ZoomInfo’s MarketingOS.”

The MarketingOS platform is available alongside SalesOS, OperationsOS, and RecruitingOS as the four components of ZoomInfo’s RevOS release. RevOS will serve as the company’s modern operating system for revenue professionals to take advantage of growth-inspiring data, insights, and integrations. Combined, the four corners of RevOS’s capabilities are designed to compose a centralized platform for sales, marketing, operations, and recruiting teams to accelerate workflows and optimize customer engagement.

MarketingOS gives users the ability to access insights and personalization engagement strategies on multiple channels such as social advertising, email, and SMS messaging. Marketers can use the platform to manage and analyze advertising campaigns for social and digital channels. The social integrations help users target specific audiences based on professions, job titles, levels, and buyer intent.

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Additionally, the platform features an in-market forecasting tool that helps marketers monitor where potential customers are in their buying journeys and engage them with optimized content based on who is most likely to convert.

For over 25,000 business organizations around the world, ZoomInfo is a crucial go-to-market solution for driving sustainable growth. Top brands such as Google, Amazon, Zoom, and T-Mobile trust the platform to help analyze their customer buying data so they can build comprehensive B2B intelligence and ultimately advance the customer engagement strategies they employ.