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Do Integrators Really Care about a ‘Modern’ Manufacturer Website? Our Data Says Yes

Optimize your website to be more modern for integrators to use.

We asked integrators about their preferences for technology manufacturer websites. As long as your website clearly displays information about what you do, what products you have, technical details of those products, and some information about the product category you fall into, then you’re off to a strong start. Our free report gives advice on how to improve, here are some topics:

  • You built your site, now why do they come
  • Potential frustrations with your B2B website layout
  • Do integrators use the ‘chat box’
  • Integrator content preferences for B2B websites
  • The importance of optimizing for mobile

Google search has many different values they reward to receive higher rankings. Our free report gives you a look into how you can optimize your site to receive these higher rankings.

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