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It’s Time to Bring Email Creation into the 21st Century

Email is the unsung hero of the marketing organization. Gartner refers to email as a “staple channel” for marketing leaders because it consistently drives growth, delivers exceptional customer experiences, and helps build loyalty across audiences.

Email is a primary marketing channel that serves as the workhorse of demand generation programs, customer engagement initiatives, and more. And yet, the email creation process continues to be managed without proper marketing technology solutions in place to optimize workflow processes and eliminate inefficiencies.

Taking a single email from a creative brief to deployment through an Email Services Provider (ESP) or Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) can take days, weeks, or sometimes even months, depending on the number of stakeholders involved in the approval process.

Check out our new download “An Introduction to Email Creation Platforms” to gain insight into how the latest tools can help streamline your email creation process. This guide details:

  • Defining the unique qualities of an email creation platform
  • Scaling email marketing programs to meet your marketing needs
  • Maintaining consistent brand standards
  • Integrating across martech platforms and with outside agencies
  • And much more

Download our guide today to better understand how an email creation platform can help your business achieve its email marketing goals and revenue targets.

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