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Lead Nurturing Survey Report

Despite challenges, marketers take a more personal approach to lead nurturing & segmentation with multichannel content as well as intent/engagement data.

Despite Challenges, Marketers Take A More Personal Approach To Lead Nurturing & Segmentation With Multichannel Content, Intent/Engagement Data

With the impact of COVID-19 influencing many B2B companies’ daily operations, lead nurturing is now more important than ever to keep prospects engaged and help sales accelerate stalled deals and opportunities.

According to Demand Gen Report’s 2020 Lead Nurturing & Acceleration Benchmark Survey, 49% of respondents stated that their lead nurturing strategies need improvement, with only 8% claiming that their strategy was excellent. More than 77% of respondents also noted it has been somewhat-to-very challenging to maintain a lead nurturing program during the pandemic, as opposed to 2019’s survey report citing a 60% failure rate.

This report will provide a deeper look into the survey findings, including:

  • The top challenges B2B orgs are faced with when it comes to lead nurturing;
  • New tactics marketers are using to combat those challenges;
  • How tailored content is critical for lead nurturing success;
  • The most optimal times to nurture leads; and
  • The biggest impacts of lead nurturing.

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