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Tools to Use: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is extremely prevalent on the B2C side of the house but there are also very effective applications in the B2B realm. It’s a great way to use your industry connections to grow your site traffic and capture new sales leads.

As manufacturers work with distributors and integrators through co-op marketing programs, it’s important to also consider affiliate marketing opportunities. These are initiatives whereby partner organizations can be paid commission based on site traffic and leads they deliver.

Affiliate marketing is an effective way to quickly expand your reach and grow your sales contacts. It can also quickly become unwieldy to manage as the programs grow. Fortunately, a number of tools exist to help simplify and automate affiliate marketing.

Our new download “Affiliate Marketing Tools Tech Marketers Should Use” gives an overview of some of the top tools, including:

  • Rewardful
  • Arefs
  • BrandVerity
  • And many more

Download your copy today for an overview of the benefits of affiliate marketing as well as specific products that can help get your initiative off the ground.

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