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Cvent Releases Its Comprehensive Virtual Event Solution

The Virtual Attendee Hub delivers a complete platform designed to give users end-to-end event management technologies and tools.

David Pepin

Event marketing and management technology provider Cvent has officially released the Cvent Virtual Attendee Hub. The event solution is designed to deliver a complete solution for organizations to plan and execute meaningful events virtually, in-person, and hybrid.

The solution gives marketers a valuable tool belt of technologies designed to help engage virtual audiences; headlined by powerful webcasting tools that allow marketers to launch engaging content.

The solution allows users the flexibility to execute high quality live and recorded content from any device in any location. Furthermore, the solution helps marketers gather valuable insights on audience engagement, session and web analytics, and survey questions.

“In our current environment, the need to reach and engage attendees virtually has never been more important – and we launched the Cvent Virtual Attendee Hub to drive online interactions that were meaningful and measurable,” Cvent CMO Patrick Smith said. “Since March, we’ve helped our customers manage over 60,000 virtual events, giving us valuable insight into what a successful virtual experience looks like. Now, with Cvent Virtual Attendee Hub, event planners, marketers, and organizations of all sizes will be able to easily design and deliver memorable, measurable virtual event experiences as key parts of their overall event program.”

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The solution is attractive to sponsors and exhibitors who are interested in joining the virtual event lineup with booths, sponsored sessions, and more. They are given the opportunities to schedule events in advance to further increase engagement and lead generation.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the solution is how everything is designed to make the app as easy as possible for users.

The Cvent Virtual Attendee Hub provides marketers with support for virtual event promotion, registration, and event experience, all on one single app that can be downloaded on a mobile device.