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Event Marketing Platform Goldcast Raises $10 Million Seed Funding

With virtual events growing over 1,000 percent during the pandemic, the funding helps Goldcast further develop its event marketing products.

David Pepin

Boston-based B2B event marketing platform Goldcast has announced it has raised $10 million in seed funding to further develop and expand its suite of products. The new investment will allow marketers to optimize their hybrid and virtual events with unique experience planning capabilities, comprehensive studio controls, and actionable insights.

The funding was led by Unusual Ventures with additional participation coming from Hubspot Ventures, Afore Capital, Underscore VC, and a roster of notable angel investors.

“Event marketing has evolved immensely over the past decade. It used to be about brand visibility and top-of-the-funnel leads, but now it’s a way for prospects to personally engage with the brand and the product, helping seal the deal in their minds long before a contract is signed. At a time when we’re all starved for human connection, event and field marketers are under more pressure to show up better, stronger, and more consistently for their customers than ever before.” said Palash Soni, CEO and co-founder of Goldcast.

“The problem is that events have traditionally lacked clear KPIs, and it’s been essentially impossible to track their effectiveness and answer many CEOs’ million-dollar question: ‘what is the impact of event spend?’ We were extremely excited when events started to have a digital component because of the insights and analytics that can be gathered easily– data that was nonexistent at in-person events. The Goldcast platform gives event marketers superpowers they’ve never had before: to validate their work and measure how their programs are impacting revenue by gathering and organizing customer engagement data in real-time.”

In the past year the company has exhibited 10x growth, taking advantage of the booming popularity of virtual events. With B2B tech companies spending an average of up to 40 percent of their budget on events, Goldcast is dedicated to building a platform to help marketers reach pipeline goals.

With the new funding, Goldcast will aim to expand its product capabilities to help marketers host optimized events, build audience relationships, and gather key insights. Since the company was founded in 2020, its product has helped enterprise brands such as Microsoft, Toast, Drift, Salesloft, and Attentive create engaging events that develop qualified leads for sales teams and turn attendees into customers.

For users around the world, the platform offers a unique experience that draws inspiration from Netflix’s interface to increases attendee show rate and engagement rates.

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“It is getting harder for companies to stand out using channels such as email and paid ads to drive demand. We strongly believe event experiences, be it digital or hybrid, are going to be the best channel for companies to engage with their prospects and customers in a meaningful way. CMOs have now realized that and are starting to invest in it. This gives event marketers the opportunity to take a front seat in the marketing team and drive revenue growth,” said Kishore Kothandaraman, COO and co-founder of Goldcast.

“There is a massive shift happening in b2b marketing. Today, no one wants to read gated content, and nurture emails don’t make it to the priority inbox. Virtual events are the new, scalable engagement channel. Whatever GTM role you have – whether it’s in marketing, community or sales – Goldcast helps you easily organize great events that engage and nurture your audience with a data platform for clear attribution to revenue,” said Sandhya Hegde, partner at Unusual Ventures.