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Drift Launches Two New Automation Tools To Qualify Sales Pipelines

The Fastlane and Sales Seat platforms have already shown major improvements for a group of early test users.

David Pepin

Conversational marketing and sales platform Drift has announced it is releasing two new tools to speed up lead qualification and revenue generation for its users. The platform aims to deliver a diversified experience to its 50,000-plus users of sales and marketing teams.

Fastlane is a powerful tool that connects sales reps directly with their highest priority buyers. By analyzing forms and data from their buyers, the platform scores its buyers to ensure that the most important ones are quickly connected with a sales rep who can navigate the conversation or schedule a time to converse in the future.

By automating low-priority leads, the platform allows marketers and sales reps to focus on accounts that will accelerate revenue growth.

Sales Seat, is a similarly powerful tool that is designed to collect intent data from multiple sources to provide sales reps with insights into which accounts are most engaged. After identifying key accounts, sales reps can choose to follow up via personalized direct message, email or video to engage revenue-driving accounts.

“Sales success is all about engaging today’s buyers on their terms: digitally and immediately when they express interest,” commented Leo Teneblat, Chief Product Officer at Drift. “With Fastlane and Sales Seat, Drift customers can ensure their best buyers and highest intent visitors receive express treatment without overloading the sales team. Not only that but sellers have context to engage buyers with a personalized experience, on the exact topics they care about, in the moment they’re expressing interest. No matter how you sell, Drift will align your processes around the buyer to drive more qualified pipeline and accelerate your overall revenue.”

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The Fastlane and Sales Seat platforms have already been released to a group of early adopters who have seen major improvements. The group saw an 82 percent increase in booked meetings, 77 percent increase in created opportunities, and a 67 percent increase in pipeline influenced.