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Entravision Expands Global Capacity With MediaDonuts Acquisition

The $15 million move aims to drive Entravision’s global growth goals in expanding markets and upgrade user capabilities.

Entravision Expands Global Capacity With MediaDonuts Acquisition


David Pepin

Entravision, a global marketing technology service, has announced its acquisition of MediaDonuts, a move designed to help users boost marketing performance and branding. MediaDonuts is a customizable advertising and technology platform that gives organizations the capabilities to grow their digital proficiency.

The digital advertising platform, founded in 2010, has over 500 clients, including Samsung, Sony, and Netflix. The move helps boost Entravision’s global impact and plan to become a global leader in marketing technology.

“We are thrilled to announce our acquisition of MediaDonuts,” commented Walter Ulloa, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Entravision. “This acquisition is a natural fit with the overall digital and global transformation strategy of our business. Entravision has always focused on providing advertising solutions in high growth markets and partnering with the strongest media and technology platforms in the world. We believe that the incorporation of MediaDonuts into the Entravision platform adds leadership, sales operations and digital offerings that will further propel our digital efforts.”

According to Juan Saldívar, Entravision’s Chief Digital, Strategy and Accountability Officer, digital platforms represent 65 percent of company revenue. The acquisition of Singapore-based MediaDonuts aims to help drive the company’s global growth plans in one of the world’s fastest growing markets.

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The acquisition, valued at around $15.1 million, will be finalized in early July.

“With our business positioned for success, we are excited to now have the opportunity to join the global digital platform Entravision has built over the past decade. I am confident in the many commercial, technological and product development synergies our business will achieve going forward as a combined entity,” commented Pieter-Jan de Kroon, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of MediaDonuts.