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ON24 And Outreach Form Partnership To Accelerate Sales Cycles

The integration takes advantage of AI capabilities to help sales teams understand and prioritize sales leads and engagements.

David Pepin

Cloud-based digital experience platform ON24 has announced its integration of ON24 Intelligence with Outreach, one of the fastest-growing sales engagement platforms on the market. The partnership is designed to help customers from both audiences gather and analyze engagement data to better track customers across sales and marketing activities.

“Outreach is a powerful sales engagement platform that guides salespeople to take the right actions with customers and prospects,” said Sharat Sharan, founder and CEO of ON24. “With a seamless and detailed data handoff between marketing and sales, organizations can personalize customer engagement and deliver the most impactful experiences to convert prospects into buyers.”

Outreach has experienced significant growth since its 2014 creation, now utilized by large companies such as Adobe, Tableau, SAP, and more. For ON24, the strategic partnership helps deliver greater productivity and insights to help streamline their customer pipeline.

ON24 content such as webinars and conferences will all be integrated in real-time into Outreach’s platform. Customers will be able to use AI-powered analytics to drive personalized engagements that connect with the right audiences at the right times.

“ON24 digital experiences create rich engagement data and intelligence that sales teams can use to maximize business outcomes,” said Manny Medina, co-founder and CEO of Outreach. “Across our ecosystem of partners, we’re focused on delivering deep audience insights to a rep’s daily workflow and keeping sales informed at every step of the customer journey. Integration with ON24 is a great fit, allowing us to bring context from a buyer’s digital experiences into the seller’s engagement.”

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The combination of the two platforms ultimately is designed for providing sales professionals with powerful insights and personalized buyer experiences that accelerate sales cycles. The integration can be experienced on the app marketplace Outreach Galaxy  and ON24 Connect.